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Mechanical Fair, Street & Barrel Organ Restoration

From Dean Organ Builders
For more than 45 years the family run business of Dean Organ Builders have been manufacturing, restoring and repairing mechanical fair, street and barrel organs, for both private and commercial customers. We are one of the most experienced English mechanical organ builders, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in operation.
Restoration & Rebuilding From Derelict Condition

Keyless, Keyed or Barrel Controlled Music
With our vast experience of manufacturing, repairing and restoring mechanical organs we can offer a bespoke service to rebuild / restore your instrument, tailored to suit your requirements and budget whether a complete restoration or partial.

We have experience in restoring organs from the most derelict condition, organs which other restorers had deemed beyond consideration.

Our experience of repairing and restoring mechanical instruments cover many different manufacturers including, Gavioli organs French and German, Limonaire, Gasparini, Marenghi, Ruth, Gebr. Bruder, Wilhelm Bruder Söhne, Gebr. Wellershaus, Wright & Holmes, Chiappa, Hicks, Bryceson, Mortier, Bursens & Perlee, to mention just a few, we have experience with book playing, roll playing and barrel organs.

Our workshop is equiped to carry out all aspects of restoration including manufacture of any missing or damaged parts, including pipework. We have an extensive archive of sizes relating to vintage organ parts and pipes enabling us to duplicate original designs if required.

As well as the restoration of the playing side of the organ we can also undertake if required the conservation or restoration of the organs decorative façade. Should the façade be missing, damaged or incomplete we can manufacture, repair and replace as required. We can even provide design consultation and produce concept artwork for clients in advance of production.

All of our manufacturing and restoration is carried out 'in house' here at our Whitchurch workshop using the finest quality materials and you are assured of quality English craftsmanship carried out in the best traditions.


Tailoring The Right Approach

Not only should restoration be carried out to the highest standard, it is very important before such work begins to have a conservation / restoration plan to establish the best course of action.

When formulating the way forward it is essential that the instruments history is researched, its current condition analysed and in conjunction with the customer a plan for the work established taking into account these factors.

No two restorations are ever the same and many factors will have to be taken into account in formulating how to proceed.

Some organs will need to be approached as conservation projects, conserving all original parts and designs because they are unique or have survived with little or no alteration from new.

There will be other organs that are far less original, where over the years much alteration has been made and in these situations it could be that a period in the organs life is chosen and the organ returned to that period.

We are also faced at times, with organs that have been so altered or badly deteriorated that it can be considered acceptable to reconstruct the organ and rework it into a good playing instrument because the outcome would not be considered detrimental to its historical significance.

The important fact is that the work is considered carefully and planned to take account of these facts.
We have experience in carrying out all aspects of work from conservation to reconstruction and all of our work is considered carefully with the owner with whom we plan the correct approach.

With your patronage we can conserve and restore our wonderful heritage of mechanical music for future generations to enjoy.

Not only do we have experience of building new organs, but our restoration and repair experience gives us an understanding of historic instruments, their layout, scaling and style of build.

This, together with our archive of original pipe scales and organ specifications and layouts enables us to restore instruments so they retain as far as possible the sound intended by their original manufacturer.

When restoring an instrument the music that it will play should not be overlooked, as the style and type of music are often intrinsic to the organs correct performance and sound.

The right style of music will enable it to play in the correct way in the style envisaged by its original manufacturer.

We have over many years in the business built up a library of original factory patterns suitable for historic organs. We are constantly re mastering and updating our archive of historic patterns, thus enabling us to provide an extensive library of book music suitable for many different types and manufacture of historical instruments.

Historical Sound & Music

Original Factory Music
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