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Pre Owned Hand Turned Street & Busker Organs

From Dean Organ Builders
For more than 50 years the family run business of Dean Organ Builders have been manufacturing and selling our own new hand turned mechanical organs. We also sell pre owned instruments both old and new here in the UK. We also act as agents for European organ builders selling their street and busker organs from our retail shop "The Music Box Shop" in Whitchurch, Nr.Bristol, England.

Purchase A Pre Owned Hand Turned Street Organ

Stock Hand Turned Street & Busker Organs

Pre Owned Street Organs & Busker Organs For Sale

Pre Owned Stock Organs

We sell pre owned hand turned busker and street organs that sometimes include organs that we have taken in part exchange against a new instrument.

As well as fully functional instruments we also often have pre owned organs in stock that require different levels of repair or restoration.

These instruments are available to purchase in "as is" condition as a project for the amateur repairer or we can quote to carry out any necessary repairs / restoration to bring the instrument back in to good playable condition.

If required, these organs in some instances can be reconditioned and reconfigured to suit a specific purpose or requirement, thus sometimes enabling us to shorten our delivery time over a new instrument.

Occasionally it can also be that reconditioning a pre owned organ offers a saving over new price.

This can also be true for the amateur repairer or hobbyist looking to build an organ as a project.

Purchasing an organ to repair / restore can often mean you avoid the "pit falls" that can be involved in building from scratch for the first time, hence in the long run saving you time and money.

To browse the available pre owned hand turned street and busker organs that we currently have in stock please CLICK HERE or on the various pictures below.

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20 Keyless Deleika Organ

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